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"Your success is ours" this is our philosophy. Being our client means being our partner, so we care about your success and continuity of your success.

With our comprehensive range of high quality products brought to you from top manufacturers in Germany, Belgium, and other recognized industrial origins, your investment is in safe hands.​


Our engineers will assure you best services with most competitive prices.


"Kinetics" in physics and engineering is a term for the branch of classical mechanics that is concerned with the relationship between the motion of bodies and its causes, namely forces and torques.


Kinetics is a dynamic firm that concentrates its forces to supply high quality products with the best possible prices. We have the enough torque to crack any problem you may face in procuring any product.


We are quality-oriented & we look for long partnership relations with clients, that is why we could earn the trust of the biggest companies in Jordan since 2013 rapidly.

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